Hello from Rod and Cathy Moberly owners of A&K Kennels. We are a family run business that is centered around faith family and 40 years of marriage. We have lived here on this property for 43 years with Rod having lived here for over 50 years. We have two daughter's  Ashley and Kara who that have grown up to be successful young women. A family friend suggested the kennel should be named after the girls, hence A&K Kennels was born. Rod was a self employed craftsmen for over 36 years. Cathy's involvement over the years have been behind the scenes homemaker, customer service representative, bookkeeper, quilter and now retired banker.  Our reason for opening a boarding facility is our love of dogs. Our family has had many dogs over the years, many of which were rescues. Bimbo, Buffy, Gi Gi, Benji, Boots, Shorty ,Dixie, Bonnie, Lady, Magnum, Dolly, Fish, Shadow, Sonny, Panzer, Jake, Stitch, Rocky, Sassy, Jessie, Josie, Clyde, Deets, Sadie May, Gus, Maddie, Claire, Rudy, sally, betsy, Humphry, jojo. The dogs mentioned were a combination of rescues and dogs we raised. We believe in training and responsible breeding with our furry family members. We offer nothing but personal care that pays attention to each dog that helps us provide a service that you can count on to be more than just promoting our facility. Rods passion over the years of being a restoration artist, furniture and cabinet maker, plus training dogs has taught him to understand that what experience is gained, its not lost if its used. He has used his past experience well to obtain a knowledge that real life circumstances can teach. At A&K Kennels we are here for you and your dog by providing good old fashion quality of service at a price you can afford. We would like to extend a special THANKS to the hundred's of dog owners that have trusted us with our service that has made it successful over the past 20 year's. You all are the reason why we can continue doing what we do for the one's you love.