If you have one dog to stay fri till sun afternoon and pickup with a appointment between 4 and 5 the cost is $42.00 thats $14.00 x 3

Ok lets say you have two dogs during the same time period its still the same only at $69.00 thats $23.00 x 3

If you have one dog coming in friday pm and is picked up monday pm. cost is $56.00 thats $14.00 x 4 But if you pick him up monday am. the cost is $49.00 thats $14.00 x 3 = $42.00 plus am charge of $7.00 = $49.00 

Our prices are not based on a 24 hour period, Its based on when our respondibility starts with you dropping your dog off to be cared for. So if you drop your dog off am hours or pm hours the priice starts there. But if you pick up in a am time frame its not full daily price.    This method is designed to help be less in cost on longer stays,


Here is where there is a difference in cost, lets say you have two dogs dropping off sat. morn and picking up 9 days later on a sun.pm. Our cost is $ 207.00.  Compare that to $ 360.00 to $400.00 at some kennels.  In some cases at some facilities we have seen as much as $630.00 for a clients two dogs stay for that same period of time, thats $423.00 difference! These comparisons are takin from an average kennel stay in our region which can be more or less pending on our adjustments of needed care and also theirs.

There are adjustments made to one night stays

These prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We do understand that price is not of concern to some when you are talking about the care of your loved companion while you are away, and we certainly arent suggesting that care in other facilities are over priced by no means. But we also want to stress that our care is not based and is not diminished or should be thought of as less in nature because of the savings we offer to you the owner. Our facility is designed to elleviate extra cost, without restricting your dog the care he or she deserves. Thank you, Rod Moberly