1 dog    $14.00

2 dogs  $23.00  for both dogs

3 dogs  $32.00 for all three dogs

      Our multi pet discount is based on if they can stay together in one room. additional rooms or separate rooms will be charged as a one dog price. Example you have three dogs with three rooms price is $14.00 per room which is $42.00 per day not $32.00.

Our charges are from the time your dog is dropped off to the the time he or she is picked up.

In our peak seasons you pay for what you book with no refund for early pickups.

No deposit is required for a reservation. But we ask for a fair notice for cancelations in peak seasons.


     The price may vary pending on your dogs special needs , such as giving meds,  or special care for older dogs or dogs that need more care from social disorders such as separation anxiety. Also if your dog is not house trained to good bath room habits can make a difference. 

Our pricing over the years have been very reasonable because of the fact our overhead has been low compared to what it would be if we employed many features that we feel doesn't help us take care of your pet any better than what our design has. Our goal has been to bring you a service that you can trust to be quality in the care and also easier on the pocket book, especially if you own multiple dogs like we do.  We are not suggesting our kennel is better because of our pricing or our care  is better compared to fancier or more hotel style facilities, we just understand that what we started has worked for many years for our clients and their dogs and we are committed to try to keep it that way.     To date we have had two base price changes since we opened 16 years ago. We hope this has helped with other expenses that helps manage the care of your pet to help them live long happy lives.

Thank you, Rod and Cathy.