Our kennel is here at our home in the country where we live.  We have been a part of this community for many years now and have grown to love its simple life that comes from old fashion ways that have been forgotten. Ways that once existed in the past like getting up early in the morning to here a rooster crow in the distance. Hand made items such as quilts, furniture or simple fence post gathered from the cedar thicket that does their part holding the fence wire to keep the cows home.Smelling the fresh cut hay field in the summer and working hard to get the bailed hay in the barn before rain hits that you see on the horizon.   Or getting a little dirt under your fingernails growing a garden to enjoy true home grown food. Raising a litter of puppies that bring a joy to all watching as they play in the yard in the evening while their mother watches over them carefully. Riding a horse in the field without a concern about what time of day it was. Or how about getting a little more value out of your dollar instead of finding more ways to get more money out of whats being sold.  A place that  comes to mind that offers a service like the farmer that once milked the cows, or gathered the eggs to sell, where you knew him by the way he took care of business by a hand shake and nothin else. Or about a church you go to the first time and you feel they knew you all your life. Country living here has meant a lot to us because of the people we have seen live here, that reminds us that we too can offer that little place that might feel a little off the beatin path that you can have your dog come visit from time to time to just say hello, and ask, what time does the rooster crow? 

Rod Moberly